We have our own in-house production facility, which caters to producing exclusive skincare, haircare, and homecare products that are accepted globally due to their quality and results. We offer our customers a virtual one-stop product development service, taking a new product idea to market. We provide outstanding personal attention and customer service through every step of production, including formulation and packaging design. All label design and production are completed in-house, and we offer our customers the choice of supplying goods under our own brand names or with their own personal brand label.
    We offer to our customers:
    • An FDA compliant facility
    • A system of quality monitoring throughout all phase of our operation
    • Highly trained employees
    Our uncompromising integrity & ethics, sustaining environmentally sound standards, backed by state-of-the-art R&D, scalable manufacturing facility, offer you a reliable range of Herbal and Non Herbal products that you can confidently launch under your brand. We offer full service contract manufacturing or private labelling from designing to finished goods or production of bulk product.
    Our core principles are:
    • Consistently meeting our client’s quality requirements
    • Being on time to meet our client’s needs
    • Continuously improving our systems and processess
    • Ensuring proper training for our people to serve our clients better
    • Recognizing that quality is the prime motto behind the success of the product

    We have virtually unlimited flexibility to Customize Cosmetics and introduce variants into the manufacturing process while maintaining strict control over product quality. With having the technological know- how we speed product development, reduce production cycle time and maximizes yields.

    Incase you need our services, please feel free to contact us or write us at info@nulyfindia.com.

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