It is said that “an idea can change our lives.” An entrepreneur’s mind is fertile ground that picks up ideas and develops them into a much bigger form. Also, entrepreneurs must very carefully choose the ideas entering their minds because of the higher level of things at stake.

    If you have an open mind to receive and nurture new ideas to improve your business, and if you believe in the power, usefulness, and value of ideas.

    We can help you in:
    • Establishing the right competitive strategy of the business.
    • Formulating various systems and policies.
    • Setting up and streamlining efficient operation processes.
    • Establishing better coordination and communication in the team.
    • Setting up, tracking and achieving organization goals.
    • Setting up objective and meaningful reporting systems.
    • Establishing the culture of systematic decision making.
    • Reducing customer complaints and improving customer satisfaction.
    • Giving a boost to your marketing and branding activities.
    • Improving quality, productivity, sales and profit in your organization.
    Startup Suite

    If you are a startup, small or medium sized enterprise, we can help you to set-up your business operations in various areas like;

    • Factory set-up
    • Backend operation set-up
    • Logistic
    • Warehousing
    • Accounts & Finance
    • Legal
    • Marketing
    • Sales
    Salon/Spa set-up

    Great spa, wellness, and lifestyle businesses require more than just a great facility design and a unique program; they need to make financial sense. Whether you’re starting a spa or expanding one, we provide comprehensive services that bring your vision to life.

    We provide an objective perspective for your project that is grounded in operational reality. We save our clients time, money, and stress by helping you avoid costly missteps. From construction to employee compensation, we help you get it right the first time. Our capabilities include complete project management for spa startups. We work with a consortium of specialists and collaborate with industry experts in marketing, acquisitions, product development, and other specialties.

    Our services include:
    • Strategic Vision sessions
    • Comprehensive spa business plans
    • Spa design and space planning
    • Financial plans for spa startup and expansion
    • Program and spa menu development
    • Spa staffing plans
    • Employee selection & training
    • Vendor review and selection
    • Spa retail program and brand development
    • On-site employee and management training
    • Spa director coaching
    • Creative services for marketing communications and brand identity
    Soft Skills & Training programs

    Management is about getting results through others. We help improve your communication and problem-solving skills and develop your capacity to inspire and energize your team.

    Our expert instructors, all with years of experience in training and presenting, provide stimulating, effective, and professionally executed learning experiences for your team. Our training programs provide the best ROI for your investment of time and money. Our training programs not only include soft skills but also include training in developing them to be your brand custodian.

    Incase you need our services, please feel free to contact us or write us at info@nulyfindia.com.

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